Highly versatile

REEL AEI machines are able to fit on any type of process, allowing a large range of holes diameter, rotation speed, and high torque.

For example, drilling applications can be deployed in:

Light robots
Ad hoc automated applications
Large robots
Spindle for CNC machines
As portable machines

REEL AEI has the capability of designing and delivering specifics solutions including its exclusive drilling technology. Features of the machine are customisable : the cutter interface, spindle motors adaptation, and software functions.
We can provide you with a personalised project in order to integrate perfectly our tools into your process.

Beyond drilling, the technology enables a very precise control over torque application.

REEL AEI can develop a high end torquing application taylored to your needs.

Automatised solution: S500 electric drilling machine mounted on robot.

Several interfaces are available to adapt to your projects.
For more specific cases we can also provide custom interfaces. Our team is dedicated to these projects.