Drilling is one of the most critical operations in machining and parts assembly. Aeronautics industry presents specific challenges related to the use of multi-materials stacks.

To meet quality requirements on the production line, the drilling of such multi-materials requires an effective removal of the chips. This allows to avoid any risk of blockage which would damage the composite part or lead to a cutter breakage. REEL AEI machines are able to detect in real time the layer change and adapt the vibration assistance. 

Drilling machine installation plan
Presentation REEL AEI

Highly innovative product featuring

  • One-Shot high-speed drilling, no reamer needed
  • Complete independence & Real-time adaptation of all cutting parameters
  • Vibration assistance
  • Process monitoring & diagnostics
  • Cutters data & wear management
  • Near maintenance-free product
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Flexible electrical cable compatible to robotic use

Our product range in one table :

Machine ModelTypical diameter (mm/inch)Speed (rpm)Standard Strokes (mm/inch)Weight (kg)
Satellite range
with 1/4 twist lock bayonet
S3007 / 0.270-12’00050 / 23.5
S300 HT*9 / 0.350-12’00070 / 2.754
S50014 / 0.550-10’00075 / 35
S700>14 / >0.550-7’000120 / 4.76
S700 HT*>19 / >0.750-5’000120 / 4.711 (with DASA)
Spineo range
without pressure foot
S80025 / 10-20’000120 / 4.735

Nota : HT* = high torque

Machine S500 mounted on a robot with automatic tool changer interface
Machine S500 mounted on a robot with automatic interface changer – Courtesy of Omicron